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Traveling Beyond the Bounds

hoping to break new ground

Rose Tyler
27 April
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The Doctor (10) | Jack Harkness | Ianto Jones |Mickey Smith | The Doctor (09)

Name: Rose Tyler
Birth Date: April 27
Family: Pete (deceased) & Jacqueline Tyler
Status: Single Taken
Affiliations: The Doctor
Occupation: Companion/Traveler
Allies: The Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Mickey Smith
Currently: Traveling across space & time Trapped within a posh, five-star hotel

Rose was nineteen years old when her life was changed forever.

An ordinary girl with a mother, a boyfriend and a job at Henrik’s, Rose was average in every way. And then he came and he blew her shop to bits, saved her from the Autons and life was never the same. He took her away from her normal life in his magical machine to touch the stars and open her mind to things that she could not even dream of.

Soon the light may disappear
Nothing is meant to last
Yet we believe our world
Searching for happiness

The end of the world. Ghosts. Aliens. Rose saw it all, learned all she could and grew from a naïve child into…Well, she’s not quite a woman yet. But she’s learning, growing still. And she taught the Doctor a few things too. Nine hundred years old is not too old to learn a few things. The universe is better with two. Captain Jack Harkness made three and the trio was an excellent team, a better family. And Rose almost lost them both. Did lose them both in some ways.

Reaching out to catch the sun
To hold it in our hands
Longing for something strong to hide our weakness

Jack died, and the Doctor changed. But Bad Wolf, Rose’s omnipotent alter-ego had other futures spinning through her head. And so Jack was returned, separated but alive and the Doctor was still…well, he was still the Doctor. He still wanted to show her the stars. And he did.